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  1. Dapperduane

    Popliteal Block

    Some people like to do these prone. I feel it is safer if the knee is flexed because this gives some slack to the sciatic nerve, allowing it to move if you accidentally "bump" it. So if you do it prone, be sure to put some pillows under the lower leg to create that flex.
  2. Dapperduane

    Popliteal Block

    Mindray was demonstrating their new ultrasound equipment and I was able to use it for a popliteal block. I didn't think the image was anything amazing but I was impressed with all of the features on the machine. It continuously records video so that I could pull images and video clips from...
  3. Dapperduane

    Anesthesiology board exam study course reviews: Jensen vs. George

    First a little background about me. I am a pretty decent written test taker, studied engineering in college and excelled in math and sciences. The anesthesia written exam was not hard for me; through college and medical school I did well on most written exams with little preparation. That said...
  4. Dapperduane

    Arizona becomes another opt-out state to allow CRNAs to practice independently

    It's probably all political since the rural hospitals were already using 100% CRNAs, the supervision came from the surgeons and other physicians. Here is the letter...
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    Clinical Update article from 02/01/2020 Anesthesiology News about NMBD and reversals

    So I decided to open up one of those clinical update leaflets from the anesthesiology news magazine to gain a CME... I read this article and I totally came up with different commentary than they did... 16-year-old, healthy male wrestler had a tympanoplasty in an ASC 200 mg of propofol 50 mg of...
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    You're in AZ?? What group?

    You're in AZ?? What group?
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    I'll use atomized phenylephrine if I don't have afrin.

    I'll use atomized phenylephrine if I don't have afrin.
  8. Dapperduane

    Rivian R1T vs Tesla Cybertruck

    So I know I might be there only one in the forum who sees this, at least for a while, but I've been drawn to wanting a truck for quite a while. I usually have to borrow a truck because my driver is a used Nissan leaf that puts me in the HOV Lane. I love the instant acceleration that an EV...
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    Physician burnout

    I blame the corporate life; Wall Street has bought up too many doctors practices and now they are all working too many hours for less. Finally, they realize that time is the most precious commodity and that they sold it. From Discover on Google...
  10. Dapperduane

    Cognitive function after surgery with regional or general anesthesia.

    In the journal Alzheimer's & Dementia, a study showed that there is cognitive dysfunction in both regional only and general anesthesia patients, albeit the GA group had memory decline as well. it seems intuitive that the general anesthesia group would suffer cognitive dysfunction and memory...
  11. Dapperduane

    University of Minnesota says no to off-label use of Exparel

    I just wish I had a speaking gig like this. $800k for the last few years bust have been very nice! On topic of the Exparel, I have only seen limited use here in Arizona...Perhaps it will gain traction since we are all "guilty" of overprescribing opioids per our government...
  12. Dapperduane

    A4 Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor duking it out with Trinity

    Looks like they got a restraining order against Trinity. How interesting that the CEO of the health system is also on the BCBS board of Michigan. Anti trust lawsuit anyone?
  13. Dapperduane

    A4 Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor duking it out with Trinity

    Interesting article here, I wonder if A4 is skimming too much off the top and is upsetting their workforce. It would be nice to hear some insider input.
  14. Dapperduane

    Medical Non-profit CEOs raking in millions...

    Healthcare CEOs making millions while the providers see little increases. Though I am a capitalist I admit that it isn't a perfect system, the following statement illustrates one weakness: "Kaiser Permanente sets senior management compensation levels that allow us to successfully attract and...
  15. Dapperduane

    Surprise OON billing and benchmarking costs to 125% of medicare rates

    I just read this article at Health Affairs and was shocked/concerned to read this: "Most importantly, Congress should establish a locally based benchmark to determine the amount an insurer would be required to pay a provider for a surprise bill. Ideally, we’d set the benchmark at some multiple...