Rivian R1T vs Tesla Cybertruck


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Aug 8, 2019
Gilbert, AZ
So I know I might be there only one in the forum who sees this, at least for a while, but I've been drawn to wanting a truck for quite a while. I usually have to borrow a truck because my driver is a used Nissan leaf that puts me in the HOV Lane. I love the instant acceleration that an EV provides, I am a mechanical engineer turned Anesthesiologist and an drawn to the simplicity that EVs bring. For example, in two years with my Leaf I have changed the tires once and replaced the small 12v battery once. Wiring the garage was a one time expense but I had wanted to do that for welding. I will be ready for an upgrade in a couple years so I have been weighing the pros/cons between these two.

Rivian pros:
1) first to market
2) Alexa integration
3) midsize truck with full size performance
4) contemporary design
5) backed by Amazon and Ford, can help with technology that Tesla had to do themselves (possible cons too)
6) Nearly waterproof, spray out with a hose

1) First ever car to market
2) $1000 reservation
3) largest battery will probably be over $90k

Cybertruck pros:
1) holds 6 passengers
2) comparable price (waiting to hear on battery size but 500+ miles is intriguing, I just hope it wasn't downhill at 30mph.
3) full size truck with heavy duty performance.
4) years of history fine tuning and almost there with self driving capabilities.
5) stainless steel

1) year behind Rivian
2) bold concept design might attract unwanted attention from idiots who think the glass is unbreakable.
3) no capacity/price structure available
4) $100 reservation

What else? Right now my bank account is $1100 lower and I won't have anything to show for it for at least another year.